What Is True North

True North at Compass, is used as a Discipleship tool. We believe that discipleship extends far greater than just having someone teach you how to be a better Christian; We believe it is a mentorship that forms practical applications for ones walk in their faith in order to create a closer, stronger relationship with Jesus.

True North Level 1

This section of True North is designed to help those who are either brand new to their faith, or for those who have been a christian for a period of time and have never been taught the fundamental practices of the Christian faith.

Through this level you will learn:
-How to grow in your relationship with Jesus, through scripture reading and prayer.
-The Importance of gathering together with other believers
-What it is Jesus has commanded us to do as believers
-The significance of giving your time, talent and treasures to the Lord.
-What loving God and others looks like in a practical way

Level 1 may take up to 5 weeks (5 sessions/gatherings)

True North Level 2

This section of True North is designed to continue to guide christians to their next step in their faith as they continue to follow and obey God’s commands and continue to learn the importance of being involved within the church community.

Through this level you will learn:
-How to communicate your faith and beliefs to others
-How to lead others to the faith
-What it means to be involved in the church community
-The role of Serving and importance of involvement in Life groups

Level 2 may take closer to a year as it's designed to build more of a relationship between leader and attender.