Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of people from our church who meet on a regular basis, generally at someone’s home, and may share a meal, talk about their lives, and study the bible together.

They are a great way to meet people. Whether you are new to Compass or have been coming for a long time, we all want to connect with others.

Life Group is a great setting to study together in an interactive way. Discussions often center around videos, books, or sometimes simply reading from the bible, depending on your group’s preferences.

People who participate in small groups in church grow more engaged in their church. More importantly, they grow in their walk with Christ. Spiritual gifts and leadership skills are often identified and magnified in our groups.

Life Groups present easy opportunities to serve others. Our Life Groups regularly serve together, mixing friendship with serving.

Life Groups allow people to pray for each other in a close knit setting. This is something that is often difficult to do if you just come on Sunday mornings.

Most importantly, Life Groups are fun! Some of your closest friends may arise from people you met in your group.

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