Kids Camp at Compass

Here to serve the community!

Kids Camp @ Compass is here to meet your needs! Maybe your children are tracked out for the week, perhaps you are a homeschool family or maybe your kids are just off for the week and want somewhere fun to be! Join us!

We offer a beautiful balance of structure and routine with a whole lot of child led choice too!

On break from school? Come have fun, build community with other children and stay active all day!

Looking for a way to break up your normal homeschool routine? We are here to serve you too! Send your children for all the fun and activity. But, feel free to send them with their self-led schoolwork too. They will be offered dedicated time each day, in a quiet environment (with an adult to help where needed) to complete their work!

Kids Camp is open to kids who have started Kindergarten through completion of 5th grade!


Camp Registrations 2023 - 2024 Year

10/2 - 10/6

Camp the week of October 2nd through October 6th, 20239am - 4pm

Oct. 2nd - Oct. 6th, 2023
10/30 - 11/3

Camp the week of October 30th through November 3rd, 20239am - 4pm

October 30th - November 3rd, 2023
11/13 - 11/17

Camp the week of November 13th through November 17th, 20239am - 4pm

November 13th - November 17th, 2023
12/4 - 12/8

Camp the week of December 4th through December 8th, 20239am - 4pm

December 4th - December 8th, 2023
1/08 - 1/12

Camp the week of January 8th - January 12th, 20249am - 4pm

January 8th - January 12th
2/5 - 2/9

Camp the week of February 5th - February 9th, 20249am - 4pm

February 5th - February 9th
3/4 - 3/8

Camp the week of March 4th - March 8th, 20249am - 4pm

March 4th - March 8th
4/8 - 4/12

Camp the week of April 8th - April 12th, 20249am - 4pm

April 8th - April 12th
4/29 - 5/3

Camp the week of April 29th - May 3rd, 20249am - 4pm

April 29th - May 3rd
5/13 - 5/17

Camp the week of May 13th - May 17th, 20249am - 4pm

May 13th - May 17th
06/10 - 06/14

Camp the week of June 10th - June 14th, 20249am - 4pm

June 10th - June 14th

Daily Themes

Monday: Mystery Monday (Mystery Games / Activities)
Tuesday: Tie-Die Tuesday
Wednesday: Where to Wednesday? (Field Trips)
Thursday: Throwdown Thursday (Sports Activities)
Friday: Film Studio Friday (Cinema Centered)

Daily Schedule


9:00 – 9:20Camp Drop Off – Gym Play
9:20 – 9:45Free Play in the Gym
9:45 – 9:50Move to Commons– Put personal belongings in their spot
9:50 – 10:15Wash Hands



Clean Up

10:15– 10:30Morning Meeting –

*Establish Expectations – Mission Statement / Rules

*Introduction Activity

10:30 – 10:45Music and Movement
10:45 – 11:15Outdoor Games

Multiple independent or small group items available to choose from @ cement deck

11:15  – 12:00*Thematic Game or  Activity
12:00 – 12:30Lunch Break

*Wash Hands / Restrooms

*Eat Lunch


12:30 – 1:00Calm Free Choice

*Board Games

*Quiet Choices

*Table Games


12:30 – 1:00Playground Time
1:00 – 1:30Thematic Craft
1:30 – 2:15Free Choice

*Arts and Crafts


*Quiet Activities


– 2:30

Wash Hands




– 3:30

Gym Games
3:30 – 3:40Clean Up

Pack Up

3:40 – 3:50End of Day Meeting

*How was our day?

*What could we improve?

*Highlight of the day?

*What are we looking forward to for tomorrow?

3:50 – 4:00Buddy Reading

Video Book

Calm Activity in Gym

4:00Camp Pick Up